Colour matching


All new colours are developed in our colour laboratory. 
All recipes are based on our own Ultrabatches in order to ensure a smooth and easy upscaling to production on basis of either Ultrabatches or pure pigments.

Most colours are matched on our two roll mill, while other colours are matched by means of an extruder and an injection moulding/film blowing machine. When matching a colour we make a plaque or a film from the sample material supplied to us by the customer, and the material is analysed for content of pigment and other relevant substances, and the matching is typically made as an equivalent to the sample supplied, unless otherwise agreed. Most Colour Indices applicable for thermoplastic materials are represented by our Ultrabatches, and by means of these it is possible for us to match almost any colour shade. All matchings are compared visually and by colour spectrophotometer.

As a customer at Kunststof-Kemi, we have the posibility to offer you color matching at our laboratory. Please note that matching is only done by appointment, and that there might be a fee.

To make sure we achieve the best result, we kindly ask you to fill out this form: English or German. Please send the form together with your sample.


We also apply the Colibri software for colour matchings.