Colour matching
All new colours are developed in our colour lab. Each new recipe is developed using our own Ultrabatches, ensuring that the recipe can be used directly in production.

No start up correction is needed when transfering the recipe from laboratory scale to large production scale.

Most colours are matched using a two-roll mill. Plaques are prepared and compared to the desired target colour using a spectrophotometer.

Comparison always depends on the sample supplied by our customer. Most colour indices are covered by our Ultrabatch range, making a wide selection of shades possible.

Special pigments like, perlescent, flitter etc. are also available

Quality control
Products from Kunststof-Kemi undergo continuous quality control during production to ensure high and consistent quality throughout the production.

All batches are inspected according to in house specification or according to special customer request.

Special analysis such as ash content, UV stabilizer content, density etc. can be carried out on request.

Ultrabatch inspection
Dispersion, colour and colour strength are tested for all Ultrabatch productions. Colour strength is tested in tint tone and dispersion is evaluated in film under microscope.

All fibre grades undergo a filter test, carried out according to our own strict specifications.