Reach regulation

In the supply chain described by REACH, Kunststof-Kemi has the status as a downstream user, and as we do not import products from countries outside the EU, we are not under any obligation to pre-register/register our imports of substances and polymers or monomers. This obligation lies with our suppliers. Kunststof-Kemi hereby confirm that all substancces in the products we produce, or the monomers upon which our products are based, have

- either been pre-registred in accordance with the relevant EU directive 1907/2006/EC or

- are exempted according to REACH, as listed in Annex IV or V of the REACH regulation or

- are exempted from pre-registration according to REACH FAQ, point 6.3.12 or

- are exempted from pre-registration due to supplier's marketing <1 tonne per year within the EU.

If registration of a substance was needed per 1.12.2010 and 31.05.2013 this has been performed by our suppliers. In line with the CEFIC recommendation, Kunststof-Kemi has decided not to communicate pre-registration numbers: a pre-registration number alone is not a sufficient guarantee for compliance with REACH, since it cannot be used as a mean to trace either the specific substance or the legal entity submitting the pre-registration.

In addition, Kunststof-Kemi shall ensure that our obligations as supplier (within the scope of Article 3 No. 32 of REACH) will be met by our deliveries of ULTRABATCH, masterbatches or compounds. For further questions please contact us.