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Holidays 2019

National holidays:

April 18th-22nd - Easter

May 1st - International Worker's Day

May 17th - Prayer Day

May 30th-31st - Ascension Day 

June 5th - Constitution Day

June 10th - Pentecost


Summer holiday: 

Our factory, warehouses and offices are closed in week 30 (July 20th - July 28th)


Kunststof-Kemi produces colour concentrates for the thermoplastic industry.

The product portfolio consists of Ultrabatches (Single pigment Dispersion, SPDs), custom colour masterbatches and additive concentrates.

Carrier material for the concentrates range from regular polyolefines, styrenes and various universal carriers to PA6.



The laboratory at Kunststof-Kemi is responsible for the quality control of all production runs.
The laboratory operators have access to a wide range of analytical tools to assist them in their work.

The daily routine also includes the development of new colours and products.


About Kunststof-Kemi

Kunststof-Kemi is situated on the isle of Mors in the north western part of Jutland, Denmark.
Kunststof-Kemi produce colour concentrates, masterbatch and additives.